Physical Therapy

You may also qualify for physical therapy as a part of your care plan. Superior’s Physical Therapists will evaluate and assess your muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility to determine how physical therapy could improve your quality of life. They will develop a program that is catered to you and specific to the floor plan in your home. Physical Therapists can also assist you in obtaining and using equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, transfer benches, and other equipment that is essential to your success.

Occupational Therapy

Superior’s Occupational Therapists will assess and determine your ability to effectively manage your daily routine. Our therapists create a plan that will help you or your loved one carry out their daily tasks with more independence and confidence.

Speech Therapy

Superior’s Speech Therapists evaluate the communication and cognitive function challenges that you may be experiencing. They will design a program for you that addresses issues of language, swallowing, aspirating, voice, memory, and cognitive reasoning. Speech Therapists specialize in helping those with speech which is lost or diminished due to a major health issue.