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Home health care covers a wide range of medical and non-medical services provided in your home. Such services range all the way from high-tech infusion therapy to non-medical personal hygiene and housekeeping services. In many cases, Medicare and private insurance will pay 100% of the costs of these services!

  • Are you overwhelmed by the burden of caring for an ailing parent or spouse?
  • Unable to care for yourself or your loved one as you once did?
  • Struggling with medical needs that are not being met at home?
  • Home bound due to pain, weakness or other medical condition?
  • At risk of falling or being otherwise injured during household activities?
  • In poor health due to difficulties in managing diabetes or other illness?
  • Needing home nursing for an IV, catheter, wound care, correct medication dosage or other medical treatment?

If so, you may qualify for home health care.

Is Home Care Right for Me or My Loved One?

On one hand, institutional health care (hospitals, nursing homes) can be costly, depressing, debilitating, and even detrimental to the well-being and recovery of the patient. On the other hand, at home care provided solely by family and friends can be uncomfortable, burdensome and medically insufficient. Home health care can bridge this gap!

Professional health care delivered in the comfort and security of the home provides you and your loved ones with a sense of control and peace of mind. Home care can also reduce the financial strain of hospital or nursing home bills during an illness or disability. In many instances, Medicare or private insurance will pay 100% of an individual’s home care needs. Further, remaining at home often enables the patient to maintain social ties and facilitate on-going involvement with community, friends and family. Finally, many studies have shown that patients often recover faster in the home while maintaining their overall quality of life.

How Do I Qualify for Home Care?

To qualify you or your loved one must be home bound. That means you should only be leaving the home for doctor appointments or emergency medical care. Further, under most insurance plans the patient is also required to have a skilled medical need to quality. That means that you need assistance from either a skilled nurse or a therapist – such as a physical, occupational or speech therapist. This need may initially be established by a doctor, but can also be determined by our staff during a home consultation.

Once you have been certified (qualified) for home care, we can continue to provide that care – along with other needed home care services – for as long as a skilled medical need remains. This need for skilled services will be reevaluated periodically during the course of treatment. As your medical condition improves services will be adjusted, and eventually discontinued.

Why choose Superior?

There are many home care companies in the Salt Lake City area, so how can you determine which agency to choose and why are we asking you to consider Superior. Home care agencies can differ in the quality of care they provide. There are measures called “clinical outcomes” that Medicare publicizes on their website . Superior is ranked higher than any other agency in overall comparisons and the lowest hospitalization rate in the Salt Lake City area over the last 7 years.